Soft For Us

A podcast by soft women in a hard world.

Soft for Us explores the friendship of three aspiring comics in Vancouver, Canada. In a world that can be tough and unforgiving, Amy, Danielle and Niki embrace their softness with laughter, curiosity, and let’s be honest, some confusion.

Each episode, they nominate someone as the ultimate softie, exploring what makes a person the epitome of softness. They’ll also dive into absurd Reddit threads, put their taste buds to the test, and engage in friendship-altering debates.

Dive into a world of joy, anxiety, and unbreakable lady love!

The 98%

With only 2% of actors earning over £20,000 a year from acting work, that leaves the other 98% with uninspiring day jobs, less than 24 hours to learn 10 pages of script for an audition, trying to figure out how to pay for Spotlight subscriptions and waiting for the phone to ring… but those stories are never heard. Whilst listening to interviews with actors who are well known can be interesting and inspiring, their stories of the hard times are usually looked back on in hindsight. Co-Hosts Katie Elin-Salt & Alexa Morden are in the thick of the hard graft, laughing and lamenting about the realities of being an actor. Being part of The 98% may mean that they aren’t working consistently but there’s still a lot of laughs, lessons and value in our experiences…and they’re here to share them.

The Intrusive Thought Cast

They say stick to what you know. If comedian Henry Sir knows anything, it’s intrusive thoughts. Join Henry and his guests as they find the balance between comedy, honesty and vulnerability. Each week, they discuss the various intrusive thoughts that affect us all; how they impact us, why we feel them, and, hopefully, how we can move past them.

My Dad Stole My Limelight

Lauren Deborah (she/they) never had the ‘coming out’ they had their heart set on (the dramatic kind), as when she claimed she was ready, her Dad came out first…stealing Lauren’s limelight. Lauren has since grown up and realized the world doesn’t revolve around them (most days) and everything happens as it should.

In each episode, Lauren sits down with someone to delve into their coming out journey, sometimes with a cameo from someone they came out to like their parents, BFFs, co-workers, partners, or exes.

Listen along for amusing, relatable, and heartwarming conversations that normalize (and give a big hug to) every person’s experiences and feelings coming out.

We discover more about our most authentic selves each week and find ourselves being more visibly, comfortably, and wonderfully queer.

Where The Big Boys Game

Mike Noble, Shanda Leer, and Mason

Where The Big Boys Game

It’s the worst RPG Party, yet the best podcast trio. Mike’s a musician, Shanda’s a drag performer and Mason’s a tattoo artist. The Big Boys’ quest isn’t about slaying dragons – it’s about talking the best in anime and video games. Join our party.

Comedy Here Often? Podcast

A weekly podcast, where hosts Kevvy and Young Alexi delve into great conversations with various comedians from around the country. Same batch of questions, yet different entertaining stories every time. You never know where the discussion will go, so you’ll have to listen in to find out! New episodes every Wednesday.

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The Microdose

Paul Myrehaug & Damonde Tschritter

The Microdose

A weekly dose of stand up comedians Paul Myrehaug & Damonde Tschritter. New Episode every Wednesday.


Join Denz, Cola, and Joey for their weekly podcast as they discuss music, culture, and life as we know it.

Beauty Sauce

A Podcast about everything beauty, Canadian and hockey. Created by touring comedian and Internet personality Rick Rowley.

Forgive Us

Nathan Hare & Danika Thibault

Forgive Us

Comedians Danika Thibault and Nathan Hare host an open space to spiral. The pair cover worries big and small with a dash of cultural criticism. This is necessary listening.

Pumping It

Bodybuilding champion, film star, former governor, keeper of miniature horses and now host of his own podcast. Every episode features fitness tips, stories, interesting guests and of course long suffering assistant/co host Kevvy. This podcast is not only funny and informative but also a rare glimpse into the life of an entertainment icon.

Sticks and Stones

Jonathan Simkin & Dallas Smith

Sticks and Stones

A podcast from country Star Dallas Smith and 604 Records President/music mogul Jonathan Simkin. Two guys deeply embedded in the music industry, but with another thing in common– Sports! Hockey in particular. Each episode features guests from the world of hockey, music, and sometimes both! Conversations and stories from the road, to the dressing room, and everywhere in between!

High School Sucked

Jane Stanton & Darcy Michael

High School Sucked

High School Sucked, or did it?! Comedians Darcy Michael & Jane Stanton spill the tea and dish the prepubescent dirt on those awkward High School Years. Were they the best years of our lives? Does it actually get better? Join us with a new guest each week as we relive the “glory” days of high school.

They Come To America

Brendan Kelly & Matt Marti

They Come To America

Matt Marti and his sidekick Brendan Kelly, are exploring what makes each of our fifty states tick. Each week, a guest will join Matt and they’ll discuss some stuff that they’ve experienced in whatever state the random state generator has determined is the topic of the day. Nothing is safe! Not even New Mexico! A podcast NOT terribly concerned with historical accuracy or actual facts, They Come to America is an intimate exploration of whatever these jackoffs know about whatever state they’re talking about. Come for the stories about a guy in a wheelchair flying down a random hill in South Dakota, stay because quarantine has dictated that you can’t leave the country! New episodes every Tuesday.

I F****D Up

Welcome to a f**ked up podcast, let’s talk about what nobody’s talking about! Hosted by Vancouver comic Andre Jin, its about making mistakes, laughing, learning and being ok – because we have each other! Guests are various Canadian comedians from different backgrounds.

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Katie-Ellen Humphries & Amitai Marmorstein


A podcast about desire, shame and the ever-present blessing & burden of being alive! Hosts Katie-Ellen Humphries (comedian CBC’s The Debaters, Sirius XF) & Amitai Marmorstein (actor Netflix, Disney) explore the feelings, behaviors and habits we’re not always encouraged to express. Join the hilariously intimate conversations as a pair of comically late bloomers and their funny guests connect over the awkward, challenging and silly things that make us who we are! New Episodes every Thursday.