They Come To America

Matt Marti and his sidekick Brendan Kelly, are exploring what makes each of our fifty states tick. Each week, a guest will join Matt and they’ll discuss some stuff that they’ve experienced in whatever state the random state generator has determined is the topic of the day. Nothing is safe! Not even New Mexico! A podcast NOT terribly concerned with historical accuracy or actual facts, They Come to America is an intimate exploration of whatever these jackoffs know about whatever state they’re talking about. Come for the stories about a guy in a wheelchair flying down a random hill in South Dakota, stay because quarantine has dictated that you can’t leave the country! New episodes every Tuesday.

Ep. 6. New Mexico

Feb 23 2021 | 00:39:58

Ep. 5. Maine

Feb 16 2021 | 00:44:18

Ep 4. Washington

Feb 09 2021 | 00:58:32

Ep 3. Texas

Feb 02 2021 | 00:46:58

Ep 2. South Dakota

Jan 26 2021 | 00:28:43

Ep 1: Welcome to America

Jan 17 2021 | 00:41:03