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The funny child of 604 Records

Comedy Here Often? started in 2015 when 604 Records CEO Jonathan Simkin saw the need to create more space for Canadian comedians to be heard and treated with respect.

Thus, CHO was born, the funny child of 604 Records. We aim to be your go-to destination for independent on-the-pulse homegrown comedy. We are especially passionate about supporting our west coast talent community and creating content that is surprising, current, and unique. In the spirit of supporting all independent comedy in the Great White North, we expanded to include third party content from independent Canadian comedians, amongst our own exclusive content, and launched the Comedy Here Often? podcast. Simply put, our goal is to create and promote funny stuff you won’t get anywhere else and to make you laugh until you throw up (we hope you’re alright – drink some water and jump back in when you’re ready).

Comedy Here Often? Podcast

A podcast where hosts Kevvy and Young Alexi delve into great conversations with various comedians from around the country. Same batch of questions, yet different entertaining stories every time. You never know where the discussion will go, so you’ll have to listen in to find out.

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